The PB1310 satellite is one of the possible expansions for the PB control units, allowing traditional
sensors to be connected to the expansion BUS. It has been designed for systems in which it would be particularly difficult to pass cables and where it is preferable to implement a loop structure rather than a star structure. The use of removable plugs makes installing the device, and eventually replacing it, very practical and fast. The interface’s BUS address is programmed through the PB1311 device and the related programming software. The devices can be ordered already programmed with the desired address.

Versions and order codes
It has 2 normally closed negative inputs and 2 open collector outputs. It is supplied
with a cable for connecting the sensor, with coloured conductors to simplify
installation. Dimensions without wiring 27x30x10 mm (h x w x d).

Power Supply

20 mA

2 inputs to manage the alarm and tampering with the sensor connected to the PB1310.

• Out 1 dedicated exclusively to the sensor test.
• Out 2 programmable (through the control unit configurator).
Examples of use: TC, smoke detector reset, relay activation.

The PB1310 can be addressed in two ways:
• by specifying the address to assign to the device when ordering (programming done in PB)
• using the PB1311 programming kit composed of a hardware interface and software

The BUS connection is made using 2 x 1.5 mm2 shielded cable for BUS lengths up to 1500 m.

• PB 1311 programming kit composed of a hardware device and a self-installing CD with software and operating manuals.
• BUS splitter board (PB 220 “single” or “triple” versions) allowing isolated and independent BUS branches.