PB HARRY is the new expansion satellite for the PB Hermione control units. It can manage 8 wired inputs and 24 sensors from the PB Elettronica Wireless line. The board is also equipped with 2 relay outputs and 6 Open Collector outputs. The wireless part uses simultaneous dual band detection technology to defend the system against alarm blocking in accordance with the EU regulations in force. The input configuration is managed through the programming software of the Hermione control unit and does not require manual teaching, not even for the wireless sensors. In fact, the sensors in the PB Elettronica Wireless line are supplied with a dedicated serial number to simplify the configuration. It is possible to connect up to 4 PB HARRY expansion units to each Hermione control unit (to manage a total of 96 wireless sensors). Harry maintains the multi-balancing concept, and it can therefore interface to sensors already connected to other control units without changing the existent balancing. Harry monitors the connected radio sensors and communicates faults and low battery status.

Operational features
Bus expansion for radio inputs and for wired inputs and outputs. The radio inputs allow a wide range of wireless sensors to be connected to the Hermione control unit, making them individually identifiable.

In a plastic enclosure, able to manage:
• 24 Dual Band radio inputs
• 8 random variable or fixed reference inputs, 2 relay outputs and 6 Open Collector outputs

Power Supply
12Vdc protected against polarity inversion and transients. Self-resetting electronic protection fuse on the power supply available for the inputs and outputs.

Radio Transmission
Simultaneous Dual Band in accordance with EU legislation. Adequate capacity for the intended use.

40 mA

Tamper-proof enclosure with a lever microswitch mounted on the electronic board.

19.5 x 25 x 9.7 cm (h x w x d).

The BUS connection is made using 2 x 1.5 mm2 shielded cable for BUS lengths up to 1500 m.

Resistor values - Controlled balancing
In addition to the PB Elettronica standard: Aritech AdvisorTM, Axel AxisTM (various models), Cisa HydraTM, Hesa MetroTM, Siemens Guarto CS6TM, Guardall WindsorTM, Teledata SiriusTM, Citel NovaXTM, Citel NovaTM, Ritas HornetTM, CNS StarsTM. Others are available on request.