PB MINERVA is a dedicated gravimetric detector for protecting pictures. It is able to detect even minute changes in weight caused by attempts to remove the picture or cut the canvas. The technology used in the sensor is insensitive to externally induced vibrations and oscillations, making it practically immune to false alarms. Installation is simplified by the automatic calibration function. It also has a LED display of the protected work's weight. The internal dip switches allow its sensitivity to be adjusted as required. Minerva is available in radio and wired versions . The wireless version is suitable for applications in sites where there are specific artistic constraints (museums, expositions, historical buildings). Parts of the security system can be made wireless, where this is indispensable, using Minerva wireless version in synergy with the PB Hermione control unit and the PB Harry radio expansion module. The wired version can be connected to any alarm control unit through the available contacts, giving the usual alarm and tamper signals.
Customisable accessories are available (on request) to implement bars with several detectors and enclosures with non-standard sizes and colours.
There is also a version for protecting valuable objects (sculptures, vases, jewels), which are placed on the sensor itself.

Operational specifications
Detection of picture removal by gravimetric monitoring. Detection of canvas cutting. Insensitive to externally induced vibrations and oscillations.

Versions and order codes
• Radio: PB Minerva-W
• Wired: PB Minerva
Both versions have the same enclosure with a sturdy metal base and white ABS cover.

Technical specifications
• Relay for alarm and tamper signal (wired version).
• Minimum capacity 0.8 kg. (*)
• Maximum capacity 18 kg. (*)
• The measurement sensitivity varies inversely with the applied weight.

Radio Transmission
Simultaneous Dual Band in accordance with EU legislation. Adequate capacity for the intended use.

Power Supply
• Radio version: 9 V alkaline battery, GP1604A type or equivalent, for an autonomy of about two years.
• Wired version: 12 Vdc power supply.

• Radio version: 8 μA
• Wired version: 12 mA

Tamper- and removal-proof.

10.5 x 12.5 x 3 cm (h x w x d).

430 g

(*) Standard version