ISIDORO is a wall-mounted cabinet, made of painted sheet metal. It is designed to house the components of an alarm or CCTV system (input and output expansion modules of the alarm control unit, DVR, video camera IP switch, battery, UPS unit) and their connection cables from the field in an orderly and functional way.

Its distinguishing feature is that it can be easily configured in various ways thanks to its interlocking shelves.

It comes complete with a 12 Vdc 10A switching power supply fixed to the base plate provided for the battery and/or UPS unit. Terminal blocks can also be provided for 12 Vdc power distribution.

It has a removable cover to allow easy access to the devices inside, with ventilation slots and the possibility of mounting fans. It is also tamperproof and removal-proof (optional). The side of the cabinet that is fastened to the wall has space for cable routing and a hopper-front opening for cable entry.

Examples of use
Expansion unit for alarm control unit (e.g. with PB222 / PB223 boards for the PB HERMIONE control unit), with its own 12 V power supply and battery.
CCTV cabinet with DVR, powered by 12 V with battery backup (e.g. Primo EV PB), able to house up to 2 8-input POE switches and 1 UPS.

Power Supply
Equipped with a 12 V10A switching power supply to be connected to the 220 Vac mains.

Housed batteries
Up to 65 Ah or up to 18 Ah if used with other backup devices.

Tamper-proof and removal-proof (optional) using three-position microswitches.

65 x 45 x 30 cm (h x w x d).