Hermione was born out of the experience gained by PB Elettronica in the banking and industrial sectors. Designed and produced in house its aim is to meet the ever more complex and diverse needs of security.
With appropriate expansion boards (PB Harry), the unit can also manage wireless sensors of the PB Wireless line in a precise way. Full control over hardware and firmware allows us to offer customisations on demand, continuing the tradition that has made PB Elettronica the market leader in custom security.
The unit is designed to be configured, extended and maintained easily with great attention also paid to installation. The Hermione CPU board offers full mechanical and wiring compatibility with the CPU of the
previous model, allowing rapid upgrades of existing systems.

Main management functions
• Perpetual calendar clock with automatic daylight savings time updates.
• Schedule organized on a weekly basis with special periods and dates on an annual basis that allows the automatic execution of switch on and switch off zones, sensor tests, output activations, etc.
• Management of 39 independent system sectors automatically using the calendar clock or manually via the user terminal and inserters.
• Logical correlations between sensors.
• Memory for 2000 most recent events (FIFO).
• System configurability via PC with WinCfgPB tool and via user terminal.
• Total number of manageable sensors: 1000 (*)
• Total number of manageable outputs: 1000 (*)
• Terminals: it manages up to 15 user terminals models PB 1151 and PB 2810.
• Communication protocols CEI-ABI 79/5 79/6 and PB Elettronica proprietary.

Optional modules
• BUS splitter: PB 220TRIS to allow for further division of the two existing BUS branches. Particularly suitable in case of systems with very extended BUS branches.
• Anti-perforation microphone: PB M043
• Expansion on BUS: various PB devices.